The Remembrance Trust

The Remembrance Trust


“From the heroes of Afghan wars to sailors from the Napoleonic era, there are too many Graves which are at risk of being lost, and with them, a huge loss of heritage and history”

Victoria Wallace, Director General, Commonwealth War Graves Commission



Heritage is an important component of a nation’s identity, and can reflect the honour, pride and courage of its people. The remembrance of such people is never stronger than in the graveyards of the military. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) was founded in response to the First World War but only takes care of graves from 1914 onwards. There is no one organisation that takes responsibility for graves and memorials before this date. As a result many of the graves are in poor condition and are in need of repair. The Remembrance Trust has as an objective to find and, where possible, restore these monuments and graves of military personnel world wide.


Although the goal of The Trust is the restoration of the memorials and graves we will also aid local communities and educate and train future generations. The Trust’s work will involve a mixture of experts and volunteers; experts to assess and carry out the restoration work and volunteers from UK youth organisations, students and military as well as local communities and organisations. We aim to impart to these groups a knowledge of practical skills and craftsmanship and to promote an understanding of our shared history Set out below is a breakdown of how the Charity will work.

Research & Heritage

To research and compile a worldwide database by finding the location of graves and memorials worldwide.

Our timeline stretches from 1700 to 1904, when British and Commonwealth military fought all over the world, some willingly and for good causes, others less so. Often following them were women and children who were suffered the many hardships and are also buried in the same or adjoining graveyards. All these people deserve to be honoured and their sacrifices remembered.

restoration & Skills

We want to restore, where possible, the sites using a network of skilled masons, architectural students and volunteers.

By restoring a site we will not only enhance the community by teaching transferable skills, but to also increase tourism to the area, creating employment and adding to the local economy.

Education & Community

We will look for projects which offer educational opportunities for young people in the UK and Commonwealth, in order to increase their knowledge of our shared history.

By enlisting future generations we are not only maintaining our heritage but imparting a better understanding of the conflicts that have shaped the world today.

Remembrance & Military

By restoring the sites and documenting the graves we honour the memory of the fallen, and ensure that their story is not forgotten but understood and cherished.

We will engage the military with our projects, and link those currently serving with their heritage.


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