As a newly started charity we need volunteers to help raise funds, raise awareness of the charity, research project sites and its history, and in time to travel to the sites and help to clear and to restore them.

Research volunteers

We need volunteers to help us find sites in the many countries that the British and Commonwealth military fought in, either by searching the internet for sites of interest or spending time at the Imperial War Museum going through the archives. We will also be reaching out to historians and historical societies to find sites and build up contacts. This would be ideal for a student historian or researcher looking for work experience.

Although we have started to contact local communities and tourist and governmental organisations we need people to put in place a network of contacts for each country so that once a site is found we have the necessary network in place to go to restore the site. This would suit someone looking for an internship.


We are looking for Architectural volunteers to help with the site renovation which will be overseen by a senior conservation architect. We also need stone masons to teach the local community skills to maintain and in some cases continue to restore the site after the initial and large scale restoration of the site has been completed.

This would be a very exciting opportunity for some hands on experience and involve an amount of travel and visiting different countries.

site volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to clear the sites. Although we will hopefully be able to ask the navy or army for assistance we would also like to take out groups from schools and university to go out to learn about the history of the sites and learn practical skills.

Fundraising VOLUNTEERS

Fundraising events are both a good way of raising money and an excellent and entertaining way of spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. We will be arranging fundraising days, getting volunteers to talk to the public about The Trust and raise funds. We will be going to several popular public events to do this and volunteers will have access to events after the charity fundraising has finished. There are also charity fundraising events to go to or host. For more information on volunteering or hosting an event please contact us using the form below.

For more information on volunteering or hosting an event please contact us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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