The Remembrance Trust

How We Work


Using a network of volunteers and suggestions from interested parties, such as the CWGC, National Army Museum, British Legion, other historical societies, Military Regiments and local tourist boards we find and locate sites of specific interest to The Trust. The CWGC’s in particular looks after sites that frequently abut the older historical graveyards and they have generously agreed to send us images and information. Several sites have been found by local enthusiasts or tourists who have come across a graveyard. We carry out preliminary research into the graves and find out the history of those that are buried there and find suitable graves to restore.


If the site proves to be of interest to The Trust we will start to raise awareness both in the UK and locally and start a fund raising campaign. We will arrange a schedule of work for the restoration of graves, using local masons, and enlist volunteers to clear the site. For example if many of the graves are from a particular regiment or ship we will write to the relevant regiment or navy contact to see if they will provide volunteers.


Once the schedule is in place the restoration work will start. We aim to use our contacts with various government departments and local press to draw attention to the project and gain support and publicity for the site. By raising awareness of the work and site we hope to increase tourism in the area and encourage interest in the history of the site. To this end we will contact both Tourist boards, local schools and Government officials.


The British and Commonwealth Army have fought in hundreds of countries so the remit of The Remembrance Trust is both extensive and worldwide.

Below are images of some of the projects we are working on or hoping to restore in the next few years. As you can see the sites we have visited are varied and so the types of stone work and architecture changes from location to location, giving a fascinating insight into each countries culture and history. Some of the sites are now home to endangered species and so restoration work has to be balanced with preserving their habitat.

If you have seen a site in need of attention, would like to volunteer yourself as a researcher or to take part in a conservation project please contact us below. Donations towards specific projects or monuments or to the Trust as a whole are also gratefully received on the donation page of the website.

st paul’s Falmouth, antigua

These beautiful graves mark the place where both army and navy personnel are buried from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The images were taken on a visit to the site by one of our Trustees, Mrs Cluff.

Bayonne Cemetery, France

There are two graveyards in this area - one for the Coldstream Guards and one for the Scots Guards. Below are photographs sent by Coldstream Veterans visiting the site while on a cycling holiday.

 Grave Island, Zanzibar

These photographs were taken on an exploratory expedition to the site. A further visit has taken place and a report and estimate for working on the site has been sent and we are now raising funds so the work can start.


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